How Gaming Helps You In Depression ?

More than 26% of the adults in the US suffer from depression today. You might wonder if gaming could help you in depression. Video games are usually referred to as the cause of depression, however, there are several evidences available that prove gaming helps you in depression. We can say that if a person can develop a ‘gameful’ mindset, they can become more motivated to face the challenges they come across in their daily lives. Here, we will discuss some of the reasons why we should use video games as tools for improving mental health.

Engagement :

According to clinical and psychological sciences, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is the gold standard in the treatment approach for depression and improving mental health. These interventions are psycho-educational, and they usually involve a counselor. However, engaging the people in this therapy is challenging. Today, around 97% of youth play video games regularly, and games can be used to train emotional resilience skills. These skills will prevent as well as treat depression. Gaming is also a great way of socializing with friends and you can have fun while playing video games.

Motivation :

The motivation for change is necessary to overcome depression and people rarely seek professional help on their own. Gaming can also help you in this space as most video games are intrinsically motivational. Video games offer you a strong sense of agency as well as provide you opportunities for co-creation. 


Video games keep you occupied :

Video games seem to be an ideal solution if you are looking for a coping mechanism that occupies your mind as well as body. Studies have shown us that if a person keeps themselves busy doing any sort of task, they are less likely to suffer from depression. Engaging yourself in video games will keep your mind occupied and if you are looking for a good video game that will keep your occupied, then the SIMS 4 game is the ideal solution for you.Some laptops are specially made for sims 4 checking Best Laptop For Sims 4 in 2020 For Full Performance is the best idea to find the best for you.

The SIMS 4 game is a life simulation game and offers you a range of features and functionalities to keep yourself engaged in the video game. You build houses, swimming pools, gardens, and much more within the game which will keep your mind occupied for several hours. You can also create relationships with other characters of the game which will help you to enhance your social skills. 

Studies discover how games can help you to treat depression :

A study published in the Depression and Anxiety journal discovered that video games could treat cognitive issues related to anxiety and depression. Researchers used a video game with adults over the age of 60. Those adults were asked to play the video game for around 20 minutes five times every week. The researchers found that playing video games helped those adults to overcome anxiety and depression. 

Conclusion :

Although there are a lot of studies supporting the fact that gaming can help you in depression, some studies also show that playing some specific games may also have adverse impacts on your mental health. However, if you set time for playing video games every day and avoid violent games, gaming will surely help you to improve your mental health.